SAGES, the expert in security and durability for your information

Your document base contains sensitive information that, while satisfying the needs for availability and mobility, must be entire secure and confidential.

This dual requirement is the reason our archiving architecture exists, which combines the experience of our technical experts with the most advanced technologies in order to provide you with a maximum guarantee and which constantly adapts to the changing world of SaaS.

Data security

A system architecture that is proven

Availability, confidentiality, integrity, traceability: Zeendoc ensures the durability of your information.

No longer lose any document


  • Hosting partner : Iguane solutions, the only French Data Center with Tier III certification (availability guarantee of 99.98%).
  • Data stored in France and mirrored over 3 geographically separated Data Centers.
  • Usage of RAID technology which makes it possible to distribute the data redundantly over several hard drives, in such a way as to guarantee that the data will stay available even when there is a disc failure.
  • Usage of the PDF/A format (a PDF format that is durable, standardised and autonomous): The documents submitted are converted into the format that is currently deemed as the most durable, the PDF/A format. The documents are also stored in their original format within Zeendoc, in such a way as to allow the document to be recovered in its initial format if needed.
Cryptage de sécurité SSL HTTPS


  • Access and rights management : Secure access, an identifier and a password (with imposed complexity) are required to connect to Zeendoc. If a malicious person attempts to connect to the account of another person, an email is sent automatically to the person "under attack" after three authentication failures. Users that have administrator rights can manage the people that can access their documents. As a complement, within these same binders, they can manage both the features that that these persons can access and the documents that they have access to.
  • Transfers via a secured underlying SSL channel : As soon as the connection is established, the communications between the user's station and the Zeendoc servers are encrypted within an SSL tunnel. This tunnel is provided by the HTTPS protocol. This is exactly the same protocol and the same level of security as that used by banks to connect to their online interfaces for account management.
  • Encryption of the documents stored in AES (ISO/IEC 18033-3) : The documents submitted are encrypted with a key that is specific to each customer, using the AES protocol. The encryption key itself is encrypted with the user's password, is such a way that only the holder of this password is able to decrypt the document.

Archiving is proving


  • Integrity verification before and after submitting : When the document is submitted, a fingerprint of the document is calculated, via a MD5 checksum, and this digital fingerprint is recorded jointly with the document (on another medium). When they consult an archived document, users access a copy of the document. Regardless of the actions that they perform on their copy of the document, the document stored in Zeendoc is not affected.
  • Regular integrity verification during storage : On a regular basis, an integrity verification is run on the archived documents: the fingerprint of each document is calculated again and compared with the one that the document had when it was submitted. If there is a loss of integrity, the system administrators are informed immediately, in order to be able to process the error and possibly recover the intact file from a backup.
  • WORM Storage (Write Once Read Many) This technology makes it possible to write data but does not allow a document to modified or deleted. It is therefore possible to write one time and to read as many times as desired without ever being physically able to delete or modified that written data.
  • Option of archiving with evidential value - standard ISO 14641- 1 : For companies that want to place documents in a safe in accordance with standard ISO 14641- 1 (evidential value), a "CDC Arkhineo" archiving option of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation is available.


  • Timestamping indicating the date and time the document was submitted to Zeendoc.
  • System log : System event history (Authentication, modification, rights, etc.).
  • Document log : Document event history (submission, modifications to the index, downloading, consulting, etc.).
  • History by document : which makes it possible to consult the actions carried out on the document since it was submitted.