Zeendoc enables you to maximize the value of the information in your company’s documents anywhere, anytime.

With a simple click on your computer, tablet or smartphone you will be able to access and work on any of your documents.

With Zeendoc your information comes alive. It flows seamlessly between users, departments but also beyond your company while retaining complete security. Improved access delivers greater productivity.

Zeendoc makes your office mobile

I tuoi documenti sono sempre con te

Your documents are always with you

From a computer, from your tablet or your smartphone with the Zeendoc mobile app...

With a simple internet connection you can access all of your company's documents, anytime and anywhere.

Dedicated to mobility, the mobile app provides you with access to all of your company's documents when you are out of the office. It takes just a few seconds to find the document you're looking for. You photograph the documents and send this information in real time to you colleagues. No longer should you lose documents, the information is sent instantly to your chosen destination improving teamwork and productivity.

Share your information easily

Distribute your documents in just a few clicks

To your colleagues, or your professional partners.

  • You can send one document or a batch of documents by email
  • You can also place one or several documents in a secure area. This is particularly useful when the size of the documents to be sent are substantial, or if you want to check that the addressee has accessed the documents
  • And finally, if required you can send your physical mail directly from your Zeendoc
Distribute your documents in just a few clicks

Increase productivity

Teamwork takes on a whole new dimension

A document in Zeendoc does not stagnate it lives and breathes, you consult it, you can comment on it, you can set up a circulation or validation process for it, you can create reminders or payment alerts.

You retain control of the security of your documents by setting access levels and rights.

Zeendoc does the work for you

Zeendoc takes care of organising and creating a link between the elements that form the same dossier (estimates, order forms, invoices, … for example) allowing you to check and confirm, with one click, a supplier invoice or to justify the issuing of a customer invoice.

You can also send your invoices and attachments by email thanks to automatic email address identification. The application allows for optimum traceability for sending and consulting. It is also possible to create alerts to monitor the progress of invoices to be sent and those still oustanding.

Concrete advantages that can be measured

In a study conducted with over 10,000 users, 82% of Zeendoc users said they had saved precious time and 80% had made major cost savings thereby significantly improving their competitiveness.

  • Decrease in the cost of sending documents
  • Reduction in processing costs
  • Reduction in storage costs
  • Reduction in the level of errors
  • Improved carbon footprint

Zeendoc fits into your environment

Zeendoc automatically files and exports the invoices to your accounting software


Optimise your invoice management and devote more time to your customers

Every day, new invoices arrive in your company, keying in and managing this accounting data monopolises your time and your attention and keeps you away from your core business. Connect Zeendoc to your business applications and make your life easier !

  • Submit your paper or digital invoices to Zeendoc
  • The pertinent information (supplier, dates, amounts, reference) are read automatically
  • An accounting posting is proposed according to your habits
  • The entries are exported to your accounting software, in the suitable format
Optimise your invoice management