Storing and retrieving documents has become a serious issue challenging companies effectiveness and productivity.

Employees in companies are faced with the problems of filing and archiving, they need to be able to retrieve the documents when they need them.

Each employee devotes a substantial amount of their time to retrieving documents that have been filled either incorrectly or using someone else's logic. It's good practice to archive documents but it is even more important to be able to retrieve them quickly when you need them. With Zeendoc, eliminate wasted time looking for a document, it is available to you. Once it has been scanned and filed, all the information contained in the document can be retrieved with just one click. You will reduce the time spent archiving but more importantly you will gain time retrieving them.

Archiving has never been easier !

The solutions for submitting your documents are numerous,
fast and suited to all types of media.

Zeendoc permet de classer vos documents

Zeendoc files for you

How much time do you spend every day meticulously sorting your documents ?

And how much time do you spend retrieving them from a filing cabinet, on your server or in your email box ?

Zeendoc analyses and files the documents for its customers. Regardless of the source of the document, emails, electronic files, paper documents, your documents are grouped together in a single information database.

Once transmitted in Zeendoc, the documents will be filed automatically by our tool, using its recognition technology, without any intervention on the part of the user. The application will first read and retain the entire content of the documents (allowing you as such to search for any word or phrase in your documents), then analyse your document, its structure, its content and file it for you in accordance with your indexing methods.

Retrieve your documents in just a few clicks !

Zeendoc adapts to how you work

Sub-folders are a thing of the past, no longer will you need to remember the location of your document.

Search using your own criteria

  • Either a word present in the document : searches the content of the document,
  • Or one of the pieces of information that was used to file it : estimates, invoices, credit notes, supplier, customer, etc.
  • Or one of the characteristics of the document : filename, archive date, document status, the person who submitted the document, etc.

This can be refined by combining a content search with a filing criteria... anything's possible with Zeendoc: Reduce document management time by 70 to 80%.

Access to the information

Zeendoc provides access to the right content, to the right users at the right time.

Once the search is validated, the documents that correspond to the criteria are displayed in the form of a table, or in the form of thumbnails. You can then process your documents consulting, downloading, printing, or sharing with your colleagues.